I don’t know about you guys, but I’m constantly telling myself before I go to bed that I will work out the next day-which I don’t.

I’ve gained about 60 lbs these past two years and I really want to start losing weight. The only problem is I lack the motivation. I mean once I start going I’m good, but lately I’ve been having a hard time just trying to start, ya know?

I need some pointers? Any advice or motivation you can give me?

Ya’ll are amazing,

Cecilia Marlena



2 thoughts on “Exercise”

  1. I have had the same struggle throughout my life. This I know: what you do for 3 months becomes habit and you’re more apt to stick with it. I joined a line dance group at work. We meet 30minutes each day and dance. It’s fun, it’s challenging to learn new dances, and there are others who encourage me. What active things do too like to do?

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    1. Alright so once I stick with it 3 months it will become easier?! Yes!!! Line dancing?! How fun, I’ve always wanted to learn. I like taking Zumba classes and dancing in general to be active. I really want to start running but I’m really bad at controlling my breathing.

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