All things Herc

Meet Hercules 

.12004793_1000487043305857_6426495054879735544_n This was baby Hercules when I first got him. I remember finding him on Craigslist and getting up in the middle of my Music 103 class to go pick him up. I went to the Target parking lot to meet the owner so I can take pick from the litter. They were all so cute and tiny, mewing like crazy. I first picked up his sister and was about to walk away when I heard this loud meow coming from the basket. I stopped, put her back and grabbed the little boy who was calling out. Oh and I’m so happy I did! ❤

Since that day he’s been my main man (Crazy cat lady in the making) 😂 No, but seriously Herc has become my Emotional Support Animal. When I’m having a bad moment all I want is to have him near me. When he comes to lay beside me at these times, I feel like the weight has been lifted off my chest. Like he’s taking away all the negative feelings and for a tiny moment we both lay there and there’s a since of peace in the air.

This was us on Halloween this year,  obviously Hercules was thrilled about being a Lobster 😂

This is Hercules watching me type this blog, always a nosy one he is.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce you to my SnuggleBug! There will be many more posts to come about him.


Cecilia and Hercules


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