Family is Family

I have a total of four brothers and two sisters. Out of my four brothers three are considered to be half brothers and one of them is considered a step brother. Both of my sisters are considered to be step sisters. The thing is… I DON’T SEE THEM I THAT WAY.

My siblings are my siblings, there’s no step, no half, no anything. Family is Family.

I’ve had a step dad that was married to my mom and have a step mom who’s married to my dad. My step dad was never a step dad to me, he was my daddy. He raised me therefore he’s my dad. I don’t see my step mom as a step. She’s my mom and I’m lucky to be blessed with two mothers. Family is Family.

I’m not going to lie it bugs me a bit when I’m introduced as a step daughter or step sister or even just Jerome’s daughter. Even though all of those statements are true, I still want to be introduced as one of their daughters or sisters. Is that wrong of me? Maybe I have a label problem? Family is Family.

Of course I’m guilty of telling people I have a step mother and step siblings, but is it because it’s easier than explaining everything out or is because I feel that if they knew that I had said they were my mom and my sisters that they would correct me? I never realized how badly I wanted them to think of me in the same category as everyone else. Family is Family.

I recently moved in with my dad and his wife, my “step” MOM. We’ve all been adjusting. Me adjusting to not only living with my dad for the first time in my life, but also adjusting to not living alone anymore. They’re adjusting to me living with them full time rather than just visiting for a few days. There’s this unspoken line though when it comes to talking to me. My dad is at work all week and so that leaves Audrey and I at home. I love spending time with Audrey. We cook together, shop together, clean together, and really get to know each other better. One time when my dad came home he said, “You need to keep your room clean. I haven’t seen it, but I heard about it.” I didn’t care that he was telling me to keep my room clean, cool I got it. I was upset because he said, “You’re my daughter so I’m supposed to talk to you and if it was one of the girls Audrey would talk to them.” I hate that. You’re both my parents, yes I came from your sperm dad and came out of my biological mom, but I consider Audrey to be my mom so I want her to treat me like her daughter. I feel that it’s a lot to ask though. I know she’ll never love me in the way that a biological mother loves her biological children since there is that unbreakable bond. I don’t know maybe I’m being too sensitive. Don’t take this the wrong way, Audrey has treated me wonderfully. She takes time to explain things to me and all that good stuff but I want to be treated like my sisters. Family is Family.


When I decieded to write this blog post I really just wanted to get my point across that Family is Family, ya know? I finally see that there’s another reason I feel so strongly about this. I want to be accepted. Is this wrong of me? Should I not be feeling this way? Should I talk to them about this? I’m scared to bring this up because I don’t want them to reject me and think I’m crazy.

All I know is Family is Family.


Ya’ll are amazing,

Cecilia Marlena


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