My First...

My First Time Saying, “I Love You”

Take a second and remember the first time those three magical words fluttered out of your mouth…How did it go? Did you become happy? Even sad? Well stop right there and read the rest of My First Time Saying, “I Love You” post, it was a tad embarrassing at the time, but also one of the happiest days of my life.

The afternoon was like any other day, Rocky came over and we went for a walk around my neighborhood. There we went walking up and down sidewalks hand in hand, talking and laughing. Eventually we made it to the field where we normally walked my dogs to, where my brother’s tossed the football around, and where we would eventually go and sit on a blanket and look at the sky. We were doing that thing where we told each other how much we liked each other (I know super corny). I remember when I said, “I Like you Rock”. He then countered, “Well I Like Like you Cess”. I said, “But I Love you”. The words slipped out so fast I couldn’t stop it. There I was in the middle of a field with a boy that I was head over heels for telling me he was head over heels for me, I knew in that moment that I loved him. The thought slammed into me like a Semi Truck, which was probably how I let those words spill from my lips. I looked up at him and tried to back track saying, “I meant I Like Like Like you! Let’s head back.” Rock left it at that and walked me home and then went back to his house.

Later that night, we were on the phone (As you can tell, we were still in the cute phone calls every night phase)  It was one of least talkative conversations we had to that day. I was freaking out because I thought he got weird about me telling him I loved and was planning on breaking up with me. Finally I mustered all my courage and asked him point blank if he was going to break up because of what I said. He replied that he loved me too. Fifteen year  old me lying in her twin size bed talking on the phone late at night with her boyfriend was doing toe touches and yelling through a mega phone that her boyfriend love her in her head. Clearly, I was on cloud nine!

That day, the day I accidentally told my ex-boyfriend that I loved him, was and still is one of my happiest days. I want to know how your first “I Love Yous” went! Give me the deats.

Ya’ll are amazing,

Cecilia Marlena



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