Gym Membership


I finally got a gym membership to In-Shape. In-Shape is a gym that is just around the corner from my house. It has all the basic gym machines, workout rooms,  a kids area, a pool and an outdoor workout area too. I’m really excited because I’ve been wanting a gym membership for a while now.


I went this morning and I felt great afterwards. I did the elliptical, bike, and stair stepper.  I also pulled out a mat and did some ab and leg exercises. I feel as though I accomplished something today, ya know?

My short term goals: go to the gym at least 1o times in the next three weeks, learn the right breathing technique, and try to make it to Zumba class everyday!

My long term goals: Lose 2 pants sizes and be able to run comfortably.

What about you guys? What are your goals? Any advise or exercise tips? I’m all ears.

Ya’ll are amazing,

Cecilia Marlena



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