Some Of The Little Things

Here are a few tid-bits about me.

  1. Unless I’m super tired, I need to have a movie or show playing in order to fall asleep.
  2. I’m always in the mood to dance.
  3. My brothers are my absolute favorite people.
  4. I have children’s songs on my phone in case I meet a little friend who want to belt out some Disney classics with me.
  5. I’m constantly battling with social anxiety and depression.
  6. Cheer makes me happy.
  7. I read A LOT.
  8. I still play Sims.
  9. All time favorite movie is The Princess Bride.
  10. I dislike running with a passion.
  11. I cried so many times during the movie Frozen.
  12. I love animals.
  13. The only people who think I’m the bomb are kids.

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