A Little Bit Of Honey

Everyone needs a little bit of Honey. Honey that make Sugary kisses. Honey that make words Sweet. Honey that makes your insides feel all Gooey. Honey that make Sticky situations bearable. Honey must be what Happiness tastes like. I have me some honey. *Hey there, Honey. Thanks for all that.*


Anxious Angel

Anxious Angel. I know you're there. I feel you. I'm here to tell you something. I'm here to tell you its going to be okay. I know things are overwhelming you. I know everything seems impossible. You feel weak. You feel broken. You feel like crying all the time. But my beautiful angel, you're not… Continue reading Anxious Angel


Halloween Makeup Fun #1

Hello everyone and welcome to another "SPOOKY SZN" blog post! I wanted to share with you my FIRST ever Halloween makeup attempt! Honestly, I went into this look not even knowing what I was going for and just started doing random things. Lets get on with it. ************************************************************************************* So I didn't realize I was going to… Continue reading Halloween Makeup Fun #1



Honestly, I'm confused. Honestly, I feel like I'm being used. Honestly, I'm completely empty. Honesty, There is nothing left in me. Honestly, I cry a lot. Honestly, Things aren't going so hot. Honestly, Tears stain my face. Honestly, A smile will take it's place. Honestly, Do they even know? Honestly, I'm all alone. Honestly, Just… Continue reading Honestly