People That Make Me Happy

People That Make Me Happy

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve been feeling a tad bit down so I decided to make a blog post about  the people who make me happy. I wanted to write this post to remind myself that even though there are times that I’m down, I have plenty of people that brighten my spirit. Here they are:

My Brothers
My Mom
Hannah and Ali

Ya’ll are amazing,

Cecilia Marlena

Diary Of A Depressed Girl 3

Diary Of A Depressed Girl 3

Hi you guys! How are you all doing? How are you mentally? How are you physically?

I’m happy to report that I’m doing good. I went to the doctors and we came to the decision that it may be a good idea to double my dosage of meds. As some of you may know with any medication, it may take some time to find the right prescription. I believe we’ve found the right one. Its been about two months and I feel great. 

I still have moments where I feel anxious and depressed, but those feelings aren’t overwhelming. I don’t feel the need to crawl into bed and hide from the world. I actually want to go out and do things. I’ve been trying to socialize with people more too!

I hope everyone is in good spirits! If not, feel free to reach out. I’m happy to be there for everyone.

Ya’ll are amazing,

Cecilia Marlena





Hi! Check out my very first Vlog!

Let me know if you liked it, have any pointers, or just want to say hi. Comment below!

Songs in the video:

Usher- Yeah

Demi Lovato- Sorry Not Sorry

Omi- Cheerleader

There’s one more song but I can’t remember what it is or who it’s by! Please let me know so I can give credit!

Y’all are amazing,

Cecilia Marlena

Some Of The Little Things

Some Of The Little Things

Here are a few tid-bits about me.

  1. Unless I’m super tired, I need to have a movie or show playing in order to fall asleep.
  2. I’m always in the mood to dance.
  3. My brothers are my absolute favorite people.
  4. I have children’s songs on my phone in case I meet a little friend who want to belt out some Disney classics with me.
  5. I’m constantly battling with social anxiety and depression.
  6. Cheer makes me happy.
  7. I read A LOT.
  8. I still play Sims.
  9. All time favorite movie is The Princess Bride.
  10. I dislike running with a passion.
  11. I cried so many times during the movie Frozen.
  12. I love animals.
  13. The only people who think I’m the bomb are kids.
Diary Of A Depressed Girl 2

Diary Of A Depressed Girl 2

I’m crying.

Not literally, but on the inside.

My eyes fill with moisture and I dare a tear to spill.

I freaking dare it.

I double dog dare it.

Diary Of A Depressed Girl

Diary Of A Depressed Girl

Have you ever woken up and instantly regretted it?

That’s how I feel almost every morning.

I wake up and am overwhelmed with the need to go back to sleep.

To shut the world out.

To escape from reality.

When I can no longer hide beneath my eyelids, I lay there.

I lay there and go over reasons why I need to get up.

All those reasons are minor compared to the eight thousand reasons to stay tucked away in my sheets.

With social anxiety on one shoulder and sadness on the other.

I don’t want to go out and be forced to play happy.

It’s exhausting.

It takes a lot out of me to sit there and be be positive when all these negative triggers are around me.

I can’t.

I don’t want to.

I’m tired of this.

I just want to stay asleep.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Have you guys played the game Never Have I Ever? Well if you haven’t, it’s a game where you go around and say things that you’ve never done and if you have then you put one of your ten fingers down. The person who gets to zero fingers first is the loser! I thought I would do a fun blog post about random things that I’ve never done.

  1. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.
  2. Never have I ever smoked marijuana.
  3. Never have I ever snuck out in high school.
  4. Never have I ever had a baby.
  5. Never have I ever been out of the country.
  6. Never have I ever went to Universal Studios.
  7. Never have I ever gone sky diving.
  8. Never have I ever swam in the ocean.
  9. Never have I ever played Lacrosse.
  10. Never have I ever been on a Jet Ski.
  11. Never have I ever went tubing.
  12. Never have I ever given CPR.
  13. Never have I ever broken a bone.
  14. Never have I ever went to a professional sports game.
  15. Never have I ever spent more than $22 on shoes.
  16. Never have I ever ditched class in high school.
  17. Never have I ever went to more than 5 college parties.
  18. Never have I ever went on a cruise.
  19. Never have I ever went on a vacation.
  20. Never have I ever went streaking.

Ya’ll are amazing,

Cecilia Marlena