Some Of The Little Things

Here are a few tid-bits about me. Unless I'm super tired, I need to have a movie or show playing in order to fall asleep. I'm always in the mood to dance. My brothers are my absolute favorite people. I have children's songs on my phone in case I meet a little friend who want… Continue reading Some Of The Little Things


Never Have I Ever

Have you guys played the game Never Have I Ever? Well if you haven’t, it’s a game where you go around and say things that you’ve never done and if you have then you put one of your ten fingers down. The person who gets to zero fingers first is the loser! I thought I… Continue reading Never Have I Ever


I’ve Been Feeling Lately…

I've been feeling lately... Well actually I've been feeling a lot of things. I've been feeling sad, happy, frustrated, irritated, annoyed, motivated, depressed. Sad because I miss the guy that I was talking to. Happy because I've made some great friends. Frustrated because it feels like I can't do anything right. Irritated because my dad… Continue reading I’ve Been Feeling Lately…